Rebuild Resilient Staten Island (RRSI)


Rebuild Resilient Staten Island (RRSI) is a single family home building initiative by The Bluestone Organization and the NYC Build It Back program to rebuild homes affected by Hurricane Sandy.

ReVireo performed a customized package of services to earn ENERGY STAR, PHUS+, and DOE certifications, in addition to verifying compliance with NYC energy code. These services included energy modeling, design consulting, inspections, diagnostic testing, and documentation processing. ReVireo also coordinated with RRSI homes’ participating in the NYSERDA ENERGY STAR program, which qualified each home for a $2,000 rebate.


The Bluestone Organization

Building Type

Single Family


Staten Island, New York City

Energy Code CompliancePHIUSENERGY STARDOE ZERHIndoor airPLUS

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