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    Builders & Developers

    ReVireo understands what builders and developers are up against in today's ever changing environment. Rising land prices, increasing competition from existing resales, changing codes and regulations that eat away at the bottom line. ReVireo provides builders and developers with integrated solutions to address these challenges.

    First we ensure that your building project complies with all energy efficiency requirements, as mandated by code or public financing programs and then we advise you on how to take advantage of any available incentives from the government or utility companies. To support these efforts, ReVireo provides a full range of design and consulting services to guarantee that plans and specifications meet such energy efficiency requirements.

    Our extensive public policy expertise and experience dealing with incentive programs enables us to increase our clients' return on investment in the energy efficiency and environmental quality of their building. Once the design phase of a project is finalized, we perform training and inspections to ensure that the building is constructed as designed and meets all energy performance goals. Upon completion of construction, ReVireo will process any applicable certifications and incentives.

    In addition to these technical and educational services, we provide a value-added marketing platform, along with a full range of marketing services, to help our clients leverage their investment in the energy efficiency of their building project to the fullest extent possible. The integration of expertise across these multiple disciplines, combined with turnkey implementation, makes ReVireo the perfect partner for any building project.

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    ReVireo is here to support the growth of your business by providing industry expertise and services that add value to what you do. Whether you are looking to subcontract REScheck calculations, or hire an outside LEED AP for a project, we have the background and capability to meet those requests or any need that you or your client may have related to green building. We can work directly with you or with your client. Our objective is to be a seamless partner in the role you would like us to fill. We also offer free AIA Continuing Education seminars covering a wide range of subjects related to energy code compliance and green building.

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    As energy codes across the country become stricter, more pressure than ever before is being placed on tradesmen to ensure buildings are constructed to meet rigorous quality and efficiency standards. Programs like ENERGY STAR are now requiring HVAC professionals to undergo intensive training, and more and more states are adopting codes requiring duct tightness testing in order to obtain a certificate of occupancy. ReVireo is here to help make it easy to stay on top of all of these changes and to grow your business by providing integrated solutions that add value to what you do. We can work directly with you, or with your client. Our objective is to be a seamless partner in the role you would like us to fill.

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    Affordable Housing

    Because low operating costs are so important to residents of affordable housing, the affordable housing agencies at all levels of government have very specific requirements for the energy efficiency and environmental quality of the building projects they finance. Projects financed by these agencies must often comply with requirements much stricter than standard code and are frequently required to be certified under specific energy efficiency and environmental quality programs such as ENERGY STAR, Indoor airPLUS and Enterprise Green Communities. This can be especially challenging when considering the limited budgets affordable housing projects have to work with, but nothing could be more important to the future residents of these building. That's why ReVireo is dedicated to helping developers of affordable housing projects meet all of their requirements in the most cost-effective way possible. Our team has extensive experience working with NJHMFA, HUD, and other respective agencies. ReVireo can implement a custom-designed compliance package for your next affordable housing project that will ensure complete compliance with your financing program and create the best possible building for your future residents.

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    Modular Construction

    While there are many energy efficiency benefits to modular construction, there are also unique challenges involved in designing modular buildings and overseeing the quality of the on-site assembly process. Some modular factories have Home Energy (HERS) Raters working directly for them, while others require you to contract with HERS Rater to visit the factory. ReVireo offers a full suite of engineering and architectural design services to ensure that your modular building project is designed in the most efficient way possible and complies with all code and financing requirements. We can work with a HERS Rater at your factory, or we can visit it ourselves to perform the required inspections. ReVireo can train your construction site supervisors to effectively oversee and document the air sealing of a building during assembly, so as to reduce outside inspection costs. Lastly, we can help you take advantage of incentives that are only available to modular construction projects and implement a turnkey marketing program to promote the benefits of your building to your target customers.

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    Habitat for Humanity

    Habitat for Humanity's vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live. It's a vision ReVireo very much shares and we will do everything we can to make it a reality. Accordingly, ReVireo donates or heavily discounts all services for chapters of Habitat for Humanity.

    We understand the unique challenges that Habitat for Humanity faces in building high quality and energy efficient homes. They often have to rely on unskilled volunteer labor and donated products. ReVireo knows the stakes couldn't be higher for the families moving into these homes and we are dedicated in helping any way that we can. That's why, in addition to donating and discounting our services for Habitat for Humanity, we also volunteer to help in the actual construction of Habitat homes. To learn more about the work we do with Habitat for Humanity, please watch the video below:

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